Title image Fall 2018

Project 9: Final Project

The purpose of the final project is to give you some experience with design of a complex digital circuit.

Final Project Choices

For your final project you can select any of the following, or do a project of your choice after discussing it with the prof.

For this project, you are free to use code from the sample CDs provided with the DE-1 boards, from Altera's web site, or from other sources to build your final project. How you use that code, and what code you use, depends on the goal of your project. For example, if your goal is to make a game, borrow as much code as you want for driving the monitor or getting data from the mouse and focus your efforts on writing your own code for the game logic.

If, on the other hand, you want experience in designing circuits that talk with hardware, write your own driver code based on the documentation. Writing your own VGA driver is a fine final project, but it needs to be your own work.

Likewise, sharing code between groups for basic capabilities like driving the monitor or reading from a mouse is fine. In all cases, you must document your sources in your project report and your code.


No formal extensions for the final project.


Create a wiki page with your writeup.


Give your wiki page the label cs232f19project9.

Put your VHDL files and other design documents in your private subdirectory on Courses.